Thursday, October 1, 2009

My life is one big party

Well, Gossip Girl night was a resounding success. We very much enjoyed our dessert and Prosecco. And the episode.Oh my goodness so much drama all. the. time. It makes me so glad I don't have friends or enemies like that...although I wouldn't mind the clothes...
Bierhimmel, too, was wonderful. I had my steamed milk with Baileys again, and Chelsea and Holly had hot chocolate with Baileys. Our bellies were so full of deliciousness.
Today was completely uneventful-I went to class. Futzed around online. Made dinner. Did homework/futzed around online. Listened to a lot of Disney music and now I really want to watch Hercules and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (I obviously have iTunes organized alphabetically by album). Aren't you jealous of my fabulous life?
And now I'm really tired and have class at 10am (that I have to leave around 9 for) but I can't sleep. Boo...that's what happens when I sleep past 9am. I'm becoming an old woman. Early to bed and early to rise.

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